Snake in the Grass

This was an illustration I created just for fun and to develop my digital skills in illustrator. This was when I started to get into Vector Art.

Firstly, I would sketch out an illustration on a piece of paper, colour it in and once I was happy with the drawings, I would then scan it to the computer and create a vector illustration with the original drawing as the reference.

Although, this way of working is labour intense – I really like this way of working as it allows me to develop my traditional illustration skills as well as digital.

Final version of the Hand drawn illustration.

BFEST 2018

This was a poster I created for BFest Crew for their BFEST Summer Party 2018. The event was a dance party. When I received the brief, I was told to capture the “summer vibe” and to creatively play around with the letter ‘B’.

I chose a minimalistic approach for this poster, by positioning it all in the center and using minimal colour palette in order to make it instantly recognisable and easy to read.

I wanted to draw the viewers’ attention to the letter B and the disco ball, making it the center of everything. The B dominates the image, which takes up nearly half the space, rightfully done so to emphasize what the event is and who is organising it.